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Psychic Worker, where you’ll find Insight, Hope and Confirmation!

Welcome  to Psychic Worker.com otherwise known as Spiritual readings by Adam. We  offer personal psychic readings and spiritual readings. 

Adam Lee started this site in 2022. But he actually had a spiritual reading website that he started in 2005 that did readings for thousands of people that many people followed and trusted.  Through that site he did spiritual readings daily.  Adam is available to do psychic readings through email. Adam has 20 years of experience doing psychic and spiritual readings in person and online, he has been used to do thousands of accurate readings over the years. 

A psychic reading by email or spiritual reading is someone hearing from their spiritual senses about someone else’s past, present and once in a while future and telling them what it is and what they are shown for them. Psychic readings and spiritual readings conveys  much needed insight, and gives people hope.  We all need hope and insight.   

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Get your dream interpreted! Adam has many years of experience interpreting people’s dreams.

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Please know that this doesn’t work with everyone, some people we are just not able to make a good connection with. Then sometimes we can make a connection with the same person and other times not. So, it may not work for you at least not every time. But you won’t know unless you give me a try. You may be one of those that I can connect really well with, I may be able to help you and you may be amazed.


Thank you so much! Your reading has helped me  tremendously as I watched it unfold rather quickly. I had a full  understanding of your spiritual reading within a week. What u said  helped me watch the happenings with more mindful awareness. Thank you 

Jai Lynn

I don’t know who you are, but the reading you gave me about a year ago, I’ve had the greatest pleasure to watch God perform in my life word by word. Amazingly accurate and detailed, your sight is very keen. I would like to send a donation to you. Please advise how to do so. And Thank you for your service,


I am requesting a spiritual reading – I just donated $40 via my credit card. Thank you. I really need a good, accurate word and you did a wonderful job for my girlfriend, Nancy S****. It is hard to get accuracy but i am astonished with what you did for her! Thank you, Bernadine

Adam, I am absolutely amazed and in awe on how accurate you are. Valentina

Adam, thank you so much for the reading you sent me….. You were right on about the things you spoke of…..


I must take a moment to reply to the spiritual reading I was sent from Adam.  This was so on point it was spirit shaking.


I didn’t tell you anything, not a thing. Yet you nailed it and I am truly amazed at your gift!


Thank you for the reading, this was the most accurate reading I ever received. Just blown away at the accuracy.


I have been to many psychics and you my friend are top notch! Not sure how you did it, but it is like you totally read my heart and then some. So, accurate and life changing!


Additional Information

I had a dream predicting the coming COVID pandemic back in 2017

Back  in Jan of 2017 after Trump took office which I have a copy of a  screenshot of it on here in which I tried to email it to a Christian  publishing site to have it published as an article and it is dated from  back in 2017. It was about Trump and the pandemic. Back then I  misinterpreted part of the dream. The dream was I was in Trump tower and  there was a big water park, and all kinds of people were playing in the  water park. Then it sprang a leak, and it began to flood. As it was  flooding people were dying and I was warning people. A lot of people  died and the whole tower flooded. Then I woke up. I knew the dream meant  that something terrible would happen under Trumps presidency and people  may die but didn’t know what.  But the dream makes perfect sense now  and was warning of the pandemic coming.  In the dream Trump tower  flooded killing people and how does a flood kill? You drown and when you  drown you can’t breathe and how does covid kill, it is respiratory, and  you can’t breathe.  Here is a screen shot of the email I mailed a  couple of ministries about my Trump dream back in 2017 and it is dated  to prove I did have it back then. I often get dreams that tell me the  future but a lot of times they are just about my own short-term future  or sometimes other people. Once in a while I get something that is  national.