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It can be very hard to interpret your own dreams as you have an iron in the fire and you want it to mean a certain thing when it may not so you need another perspective on the dream to help you find true meaning. Dreams can foretell the future and give direction especially God given dreams.  And that is something I love to do is help with interpreting your dreams.  Get your dream interpreted free. God has been speaking through dreams since Biblical times and He still speaks through them today.  Let me help you interpret your dream.  I have interpreted thousands of dreams and have a dream interpretation gift.

If you would like dream interpretation it is free email letting us know that you want dream interpretation with your dream included to: office@psychicworker.com

Please also include what has been on your mind and or is the main thing going on at the time you had this dream.  Also check your junk email folders for replies from us sometimes it goes into the junk folder.  Please share our site with others, you may not be able to donate but you can share this site with others.  Thank you.  

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  When interpreting your own dreams here are some things to remember.

Things to remember

1. Keep a dream journal

One of the most effective ways to interpret your dreams is to keep a dream journal. This involves writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up, while they are still fresh in your mind. By regularly recording your dreams, you may start to notice patterns or recurring themes that can help you understand their meaning.

2. Look for symbolism

Dreams are often filled with symbols that represent different aspects of our lives. For example, seeing a snake in your dream may symbolize fear or transformation, while a dream about flying could represent a sense of freedom or control. It’s important to note that the meaning of symbols can vary from person to person, so it’s essential to consider your own associations and feelings towards them.

3. Consider your emotions

Emotions play a significant role in our dreams, and they can also give clues to their meaning. For example, if you feel anxious or stressed in a dream, it may be a reflection of your current state of mind. Pay attention to the emotions you experience in your dreams and try to connect them to your waking life.

4. Reflect on your daily life

Our dreams often incorporate elements from our daily lives, so it’s crucial to reflect on any significant events or experiences that may have influenced our dreams. For instance, if you had a heated argument with a friend, you may dream about that person, or if you are stressed about an upcoming presentation, you may dream about being unprepared.

5. Consider the context

The context of a dream can also provide valuable insight into its meaning. For example, dreaming about being late for an important event could symbolize a fear of missing opportunities or falling behind in life. It’s essential to consider the setting, characters, and overall storyline of your dream to gain a better understanding of its meaning.

6. Seek outside help

If you are having trouble interpreting your dreams on your own, seeking outside help can be beneficial. You can consult a dream specialist, therapist, or join a dream interpretation group to explore different perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of your dreams.

7. Trust your intuition

While there are various methods for interpreting dreams, it’s essential to trust your intuition and go with what feels right for you. Your dreams are unique to you, and only you can truly understand their meaning. Don’t rely solely on external interpretations, but instead, listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts.


We have put together a comprehensive list of common dream symbols and their meanings.  This list is just a guide and gives you an idea or example of what a symbol could mean.  But the symbol doesn’t have to mean what is listed.  Symbols have meaning and speak about what things are to you. So the meaning could be different for each person.  But the symbol guide gets you used to how symbols work and gives you examples that may inspire you to understand what a symbol could be to you.